Today, much of the research around 3D bioprinting tissue and organs revolves around laying down enough cells in an abiotic substrate outside a living body, so they can culture and then be implanted where needed.

One company, however, believes a better method will be to print the cells inside of a human host, and take advantage of the body’s natural ability to incubate and promote cell reproduction. This method is called in-vivo.



Cosmetics Deals Push Skin 3D Bioprinting

3D bioprinting’s allure has attracted blooming interest from the skincare industry, with three leading firms each launching skin printing initiatives in mid-2015 that they hope will revolutionise cosmetic testing.


Market Analysts Predict Significant Growth for 3D BioPrinting in the Next Decade, Point out Key Players

Analysts expect to see “healthy growth” within the next ten years, and especially in 3D bioprinting, where they foresee “significant growth.” This is seen as a reality due to the government’s role in healthcare, expanding research and the entire infrastructure.


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